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Gold keeps rising as us dollar falls

Gold keeps rising a청주출장샵 청주출장안마s us dollar falls

I know that’s very dramatic but let me give you a moment of the truth. I have absolutely no faith in bitcoin being around in a year’s time. If it isn’t at least as stable as the dollar, it will be lost, right? You and I both know that. You would want to put your money back where it belongs because that’s the biggest asset of all in the world.

It’s easy to say yes and no to this argument, because the reality is that in the 21st century no matter how much money people have in America right now, if there is a Bitcoin bubble and they are too late, there will be another crash and that crash will hurt more people than it will help.

The question is whether it will be the first crash or the tenth crash. A Bitcoin bubble has caused a crash and has wiped out about 80% of all the value tha트럼프 카지노t’s been created. That’s not sustainable for the world.

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